Monday, October 22, 2012

What you need to know before hiring a JCB Telehandler?

Telehandlers are of great help in construction projects where it is important to have forklift like machines with a long reach. However, if you would have to buy one, it is an expensive affair. This is why it is best to hire Telehandlers that are versatile and would cost a lot lesser in comparison to buying new equipment. There are several brands and ranges when it comes to Telehandlers, some of them being JCB Telehandler, JLG Telehandler and Genie. All you need to do is decide on the features that are essential for your construction projects and make a choice for hiring one of these.

Awkward loading areas and high rise buildings could be easily handled by your JCB Telehandler. It goes without saying that you should be extremely cautious while using these machines. An inexperienced driver could be careless with the long arm. This should be avoided to prevent major injuries while at work. The long arm works wonders when the driver knows how to use it. Wrong usage could also lead to death. Overloading of the arm is strictly prohibited. Whether you are using a JLG Telehandler or one from any other brand, you need to be careful about these issues.

While opting for a telehandler, you have to consider the various attachments that you will need for the task on hand. For instance, you could attach a bucket to the Telehandler for loading and moving purpose. These buckets come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from based on your purpose. If you have heavy loads, you could use light weight, GP buckets. If you want versatile function, you could use 4 in 1 buckets. However, before investing in buckets, make sure there are appropriate provisions in the Telehandler for the specific kind of bucket you wish to use.

While deciding between a JCB Telehandler and a JLG Telehandler, make sure you weigh the pros and cons wisely. One brand might have high end features but think if these features are required for your project. Ask the dealer any questions you might have in mind, not just about the machine but also about the rental agreement and any restrictions on the usage of the machinery during the time period for which it is hired. Clearing such doubts in the beginning would leave very little margin for problems in the future.

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