Sunday, October 21, 2012

Telescopic fork training to minimize workplace accidents

The telescopic handler is a heavy duty machine that is used extensively in various companies today. Thanks to the versatility and functionality of these machines, they are used in almost every sector ranging from manufacturing to shipping, lumbering and many more. Though the usefulness of these heavy duty machines cannot be ignored, it is also important to note that these machines are also the leading causes of many accidents, injuries and deaths at the workplace. Each year, many insurance providers and other companies end up paying millions of dollars in the form of personal injury claims. There is more than one way in which this problem can be eliminated. The most recommended option is to hire operators who have undergone telescopic handler training. In order to save a few dollars, some companies compromise on choosing the personnel with extensive telescopic forklift training and end up pay hefty amounts in case of any untoward incident.

Though you may have to pay a slightly higher wage to the operator who has completed the telescopic handler training, it is worth every dollar since there are a number of benefits associated to hiring them. First of all, hiring operators with telescopic forklift training will ensure you do not violate any labour laws laid down by your state and country. Most countries have detailed laws regarding the usage of heavy machinery at the workplace, of which some talk about hiring the right professionals with the relevant training and certification to operate forklifts.

The forklift and the telescopic handler are machines that use various attachments to perform various tasks. Therefore, based on the task at hand the attachment needs to be fixed to the arm. Fixing and removing these attachments is not an easy task. However, professionals who have undergone comprehensive telescopic forklift training will be aware of the nuances of this process. Once they fix the attachment, they will perform a quality check to ensure all the nuts and bolts are firmly in place to prevent the attachment from breaking loose during the course of the task. Operators who undergo telescopic handler training will also have thorough knowledge of how to start and operate these machines and also bring them to a halt without posing a threat to the employees at the workplace.

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