Thursday, November 29, 2012

The need for the trencher attachment

The trencher is one of the many skid steer attachments that are being used today. This attachment is used extensively for the construction of the trenches for military purposes as well as for irrigation. This attachment is also used by the road construction crew to cut the roads with minimal disturbance to traffic to lay drainage pipes and other utility cables. Considering the fact that this attachment is used for dig trenches for various purposes, there are different types available for customers to choose from based on their requirement. Before buying or using the trenchers, it is important that you understand the variety available and also the safety aspects associated to it.

One of the most versatile trenchers today is the wheel trencher. This is an attachment that can be used to dig through hard as well as soft terrains. These trenchers are used extensively by the road construction crew to perform various road maintenance tasks and lay cables. This is considered to be the easiest as well as the most cost effective type of trencher among all the options available.
The chain trenchers are another type of trenchers you can choose from. These trenchers are uses to dig the ground along rocky terrains. This attachment is similar to a huge saw. The trenches dug up by this attachment are narrow as well as deep. This trencher is also provided with a conveyor belt that helps in clearing up the debris as the terrain is being dug.

The portable trenchers are great options to consider if you want to create irrigation lines for your piece of land. This attachment is also used in the landscaping industry for performing a wide range of tasks. This is considered to be the lightest of all the trenchers available and the easiest to maneuver.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Safety tips to keep in mind while using aluminium loading ramps

Digga ramps are considered to be the best loading ramps all over the world. Engineered to perfection using the state-of-art technology and designed to meet the stringent requirements, these ramps are capable of helping you move heavy loads from the ground on to trailers or trucks. Irrespective of your requirement, the aluminium loading ramps from Digga are sure to live up to your expectations. However, before you start using these ramps to load or unload vehicles such as cars, bikes and others, there are a few safety precautions that you need to keep in mind. More often than not, accidents that occur when loading ramps are in use are not because of the poor construction, but due to non-adherence of safety requirements. To prevent work related accidents caused due to ramps to a minimum, it is imperative to adhere to these safety tips.

One of the main dangers posed while using Digga ramps is the vehicle slipping backwards. The chances are higher if you are trying to load a rear wheel drive onto the truck or trailer. In such cases, it is advisable to load the vehicle in reverse since the powered wheel moves uphill first and minimizes the chances of accidents. Sliding off the sides of the ramp is another risk that people face when uses these attachments. In order to minimize this risk while using aluminium loading ramps, make sure the surface of the ramp can withstand traction. Never try to load or unload a vehicle using the ramps if its surface is wet since it does not offer the level of support needed to prevent accidents.

Before loading vehicles such as tractors, cars and others onto the trucks, it is important that you securely attach the Digga ramps to the trailers and trucks. This prevents the aluminium loading ramps from moving backwards during the process. Secure all the safety straps and chains in place and run a quick safety inspection before getting started with the process.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Myriad forklift attachments and their uses

The fork lift is one of the most useful heavy duty machinery that is used extensively today. This is a machine that can perform tasks that a skid steer cannot. The fact that it has a long arm called the “boom” allows this machine to lift heavy loads vertically, in addition to moving them from one place to the other. The boom of this machine allows it to reach every nook and corner which is the reason for certain industries to opt for it over bobcats. The fork lift can be used to perform various tasks because of the myriad fork lift attachments that are easily available today. Each of these forklift attachments are designed keep specific tasks in mind, which is the reason you should learn more about them to avoid choosing the wrong one.

The side shifter is a fork lift attachment that is used to move heavy loads laterally. The fact that the backrest and the tines can be moved laterally allows users to move heavy loads without repositioning the truck. The fork positioner is one of the most useful forklift attachments. It allows in moving the tines of the fork apart or together based on the size of the load. This attachment negates the time consuming process of manual intervention to resize the tines.

The barrel and roll clamp attachment is one of the fork lift attachments that is used to carry heavy paper rolls, barrels and kegs. The attachments in this category that have the rotatory motion are more functional than the ones that do not. For example, the barrel clamp attachment that has the ability to rotate can position a barrel vertically in place, despite lifting it horizontally. The multipurpose clamp attachment is one of the highly versatile forklift attachments. It can carry all loads of varying sizes such as bales, boxes, large cartons and crates with ease.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Digga and the promise of quality it offers

Digga is the most prominent Australian company that manufactures world-class equipment for various industries, ranging from manufacturing units to large agricultural farms. Established by Stewart Wright in the year 1981, this company has gained enviable international repute within just two decades of its existence. The objective of this company to produce highly functional products at low prices without compromising on the quality has contributed to its immense popularity in a short span of time. Though this company came into existence to manufacture various types of drilling augers for the agriculture industry, today this company is renowned the world over for its wide range of attachments it manufactures for various heavy duty machinery that is used in different sectors.

All Digga equipment comes with an assurance of quality that is unparalleled. This Australian owned and operated company has over two hundred employees on its payroll and a strong presence in many countries all over the world. Gear boxes for land moving equipment and a plethora of attachments such as trenchers, buckets, brooms, ramps, grinders, hoes and tillers are some of the many attachments this company is famous for. The concept of pendulum drilling was first introduced to Australia by this company. It is also the world leader in the manufacturing of trenching attachments as well as planetary drive boring.

The research and development wing of Digga has a team of 12 research engineers and designers whose sole objective is to understand the current requirements to engineer and design new attachments and equipment that can simplify a wide range of tasks. State-of –the-art technology is used to design and engineer eachDigga equipment. Despite the impeccable quality, enhanced functionality and improved versatility of all the attachments and other machinery developed by this company, they are highly affordable and not just suited for the Australian market, but for work conditions in any part of the world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Accomplish various tasks easily with the telescopic loader

The telescopic loader, also known as the telescopic handler or telehandler by a few, is one of the most useful machines in various sectors today. This heavy duty machinery is literally indispensable in the agricultural sector, manufacturing units and the shipping industry. The telescopic handlers can carry large hay bales as easily as they can clear debris and plow through snow. These machines are highly versatile and functional because of the attachments available. The wide array of attachments available for use in these machines can be connected to one end of the long “boom”. Whether you want to lift heavy loads vertically or move them horizontally from one place to the other, the telescopic handlers will not disappoint you.

The lift table is one of the many attachments that can be used with the telescopic loader. As the name says, this is an attachment that can be used to lift heavy loads vertically with ease. This attachment finds extensive usage in the construction industry, especially during the construction of sky scrapers or other large apartment complexes. The buckets are also attachments that can be used with the telescopic handlers. These attachments are highly useful in clearing the debris that is generated during the construction process. The buckets are used in the manufacturing sector as well to dispose heavy industrial wastes easily. The muck grabs and pallet forks are also attachments that can be used with the telehandler.

While the usefulness of the telescopic loader is beyond debate and discussion, the fact that this machine is also a leading cause of workplace related accidents cannot be overlooked. However, it is possible to minimize the occurrence of accidents caused due to these machines by hiring the services of a trained and certified operator to operate it. Simple things like ensuring the telescopic handlers are not overloaded also goes a long way in keeping work related accidents to a minimum.