Wednesday, October 10, 2012

History of Telehandlers – From Matbro to Merlo Telehandler

Known by several names, a Telehandler or telescopic handler, sometimes considered as forklift with extension, is machinery that finds applications in agricultural, constructional and other industries. Although it looks a lot like a forklift, it is more of a crane in comparison to a forklift and has increased features. With a single telescopic boom it’s possible to control the movements of this vehicle to perform several functions. The recent models like a Merlo Telehandler or rotating Genie Telehandler were all modeled keeping in mind their prototype (forklift). Here is some information on the history of Telehandlers and how they made the transition from a forklift to multi functional machinery.

Matbro Company based in Surrey was the first to give a facelift to forestry forklifts. This transition to a Telehandler made it useful for construction jobs, lifting heavy materials up to 4 stories, clearing debris etc. Through the provisions given for attachments, it was easier to make the machine versatile by attaching different types of forks for different purposes. Even while lifting heavy loads, these machines were able to provide the operator a good balance and control. This is why, it became a safer option. As time went by, products like Genie Telehandler and Merlo Telehandler added addition features for safety, versatility and efficiency.

With each new model that preceded the initial models of Telehandlers, flexibility of the machine increased. It was possible to switch tools rapidly with each consecutive model. This resulted in increased productivity in various fields. Thanks to features like side shift carriage and rotate; there is no need to move the vehicle in order to load it with heavy material. These kinds of flexibility features made products like Merlo Telehandler and Genie Telehandler quite popular. Time and again, brands like these keeping adding to the set of features and look for every possible way to improve the user experience.

While choosing the right Telehandler for your job, the most important thing to do is determine the level of flexibility and other advanced features you require. This analysis would help you in narrowing down the choices. You’d also have to decide whether you are going to buy or rent a Telehandler. Contacting a dealer would give you a clear idea of whether to buy or hire a Telehandler. Whether you are going for a Merlo Telehandler or a rotating Genie Telehandler, you are in for a wonderful user experience.


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