Friday, October 26, 2012

Ensuring safe usage of the telescopic handler

The telescopic handler is one of the most commonly used heavy duty machinery today. Though this machine seems to be like a forklift in terms of functionality and looks, the single long telescopic boom that is has makes it as versatile as the crane. While one end of the telescopic boom is connected to the body, the other end which is tapering is used to connect various attachments based on the task being performed. These machines are used extensively in the construction sector, shipping industry and large manufacturing units. Merlo telehandler, along with the ones from JCB, JLG and Manitou are the most preferred telehandlers all over the world. Though this equipment is highly useful, it is also considered to be the leading cause for many workplace accidents. Hence, it is imperative to follow a few safety tips to ensure safe usage.

While using the telescopic handler, it is important to make sure that all the four wheels are firmly placed on the ground. Do not use the machine when it is placed unevenly with one or two wheels above the ground. Each telehandler can carry only a certain amount of weight. Make sure you read its manual to learn about the weight restrictions before using it. If the sensor in the machine is warning you about the excessive weight, pay heed to it and reduce the weight. Overloading this equipment is one of the main reasons for accidents to occur.

If you want to use the Merlo telehandler safely and reduce mishaps at the workplace, it is imperative that you hire the services of operators who specialize in handling these machines. Though the forklift and telehandler may seem similar, the way they work is different. Therefore, ensure you find an operator who has been trained to operate these machines and has the relevant licenses and certifications needed. These operators will have a clear understanding of the strengths and drawbacks of these machines and will operate it accordingly. These operators will have the ability to use the machines carefully while moving heavy materials or lifting them.

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