Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The need for Digga Augers and alloy ramps today

Digga Australia is the largest manufacturer and supplier of attachments for various types of machinery, not only in Australia but various parts of the world. The humble beginnings of this company can be traced to the early 1980s when it was set up by Stewart Wright, a local Australian, who wanted to supply various types of machinery and wear parts for earth moving equipment locally. When the need for the drilling auger arose, he set up the first facility at Tingalpa to manufacture this attachment. Ever since the first Digga augers were manufactured, there has been no looking back. This company has grown in leaps and bounds and currently caters to requirements in various industries. While the auger and trenching attachments are eagerly sought after in the construction industry, the advanced cutting equipment manufactured are ideal for manufacturing units in many countries. The Digga ramps are highly useful in the shipping and cargo industry, in addition to the manufacturing sector.

The Digga ramps, like most of the other machinery manufactured by Digga, are considered to be the best in their class. They are manufactured using the best alloys available in the market to ensure it can carry heavy weights. Though this equipment is used for heavy duty work, it is light in weight and highly portable. Every Digga ramp is thoughtfully designed and engineered by the best professionals in the industry, keeping in mind the challenges faced. In order to cater to varying loads, Digga manufactures various types of ramps for customers to choose from. There are ramps for weight as low as 900 kgs to that as high as 7500 kgs. The superior traction offered by these ramps, alongside their impeccable design, has proven to be extremely beneficial to clients all over the world.

The Digga augers have come a long way since it was first manufactured. The ones that are available today are state of the art attachments that are provided with features that augers from most other companies lack. The auger from Digga is used for a wide range of purposes such as drilling holes for laying foundation, tree planting, retaining footings, screw anchoring and post hole boring.

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