Sunday, September 30, 2012

Factors to consider while buying new telescopic handlers

The telescopic handler is a machine that is used for various purposes today. Also known as the telehandler, this is a small machine that is provided with a long arm that is referred to as the boom. While one end of the boom is connected to the machine, the various attachments are connected to the tapering end of the arm. Though most companies hire telehandlers on a need basis, there are certain companies that need this machine on a regular basis. In such cases, it is beneficial to buy telescopic handlers instead of hiring them. However, buying new telescopic handlers is not an easy task. There are many factors that need to be given a thought before you buy them.

Selecting a reliable and credible company that specializes in new telescopic handlers is the first step. There are not many retail outlets that sell these machines. The best bet would be to go online and look up credible and authentic stores that specialize in it. Before you choose the right store to buy telescopic handlers from, it is imperative to look through their reviews and get an insight into the type of products they offer, the quality of the telehandlers, the prices and the time taken to ship them. It is also very important to find out if the company offers brand new telehandlers on sale or used ones. Refrain from buying the used ones since they may have deteriorated significantly due to use in the past and may not serve you efficiently for long.

Before you buy telehandlers, you should also have a good understanding of the purpose. You should establish clarity on how you intend to use these machines. This will help you choose the right attachment for the new telescopic handlers. Working without this clarity will make it tough for you to choose the best attachments from the many that are available for this machine.
There are various types of telehandlers available for you to choose from based on the intensity of the task. If you intend to buy telescopic handlers for use in the manufacturing industry or at construction sites, you need to buy the ones that can withstand a heavy load. On the other hand, if you are looking for new telescopic handlers for landscaping projects and for use in the docks, then you can opt for the low duty ones.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bobcat hire and the various aspects it entails

Bobcats are some of the most useful heavy machinery in use today. These machines play an important role in many sectors and thanks to the attachments available, they can be used to perform a number of tasks. However, it is not always possible to buy them, considering the space needed to park them and also the cost involved. Most of the time, these machines are used for small one-time tasks that can be accomplished in minutes. Therefore, people prefer opting for hiring a bobcat instead of purchasing new ones. However, before opting for a bobcat rental, there are certain things that you need to be aware of.

Most people opt for bobcat hire for reasons more than one. Bobcats are sometimes used for many home improvement projects. The attachments such as the mowing attachment and pallet forks are used for small landscaping projects. These are tasks that can be completed in a day or two. In such cases, it is not worth buying a new bobcat. Farmers use the bobcats extensively during the harvest season. Pallet forks and buckets are attachments help them carry hay bales and the harvest from the fields to the granary. Once these tasks are done, the bobcats are needed. Here again, buying these machines is not recommended. Hiring them is a wiser choice to making.

The internet is the best place to find the right stores that offer bobcat rental attachments and machines. But, you have to understand certain aspects of the company before renting out a bobcat from them. The first thing that you need to find out is the number of years this company has been in this field. The companies that have been in this field for long will have all types of attachments that are used with these machines.   Find out how long the rental company will need to replace their bobcat with another one in case the machine given ceases to function.

Before you opt for bobcat hire, you have to ensure you have a qualified operator to operate this machine. One people with specific training have to operate this machine to avoid any mishaps and to perform the task on hand to perfection.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Attachments that can be used with new bobcats

Bobcats are small machines that are capable of serving various purposes. These machines are used in various sectors ranging from manufacturing to construction and even agriculture. Though these machines are compact, they are not easy to work with. This belongs to the category of heavy machinery and can be operated only be licensed operators who have undergone a complete training program. There are various types of attachments that are used with new bobcats, depending on the task that needs to be accomplished. Operators are trained on using each of these attachments to ensure the task is done to perfection without any mishaps.

One of the main uses of the bobcats is in the dockyard. On a daily basis, there are tons of goods that are transported from one destination to the other. It is not possible to carry the heavy goods from the cargo section to the loading dock. Though push carts were used in the past, they were hard to use and required manual labor. Thanks to the forklift attachment, the bobcat can be used to perform this task. The forklift is designed to carry heavy weights easily, therefore increasing the efficiency as well as the productivity.

New bobcats are also extensively used in the agricultural sector.  Manually plowing the fields and getting them ready for the seeds to be sown is a very laborious and time consuming process. However, thanks to the plow attachment that can be used with the bobcat, this task can be accomplished in a short span of time with minimal effort. In addition to the regular plow attachment, there is also a snow plow attachment that is attached to the bobcat during winters to remove the snow pile up on the roads.

The street sweeper is another attachment that is used extensively in the bobcat. These are attachments that play a significant role in keeping the streets neat and free from dirt. These are ideal attachments to ensure the walkways and parking lots are kept spotlessly clean at all times.
New bobcats are also used for mowing lawns, thanks to the mowing attachment that can be used with these machines. This attachment offers the functionality of the sickle and the commercial lawnmowers as well, albeit without the challenges that people face while using them. These attachments are used extensively in maintaining large lawns and parks as well as golf courses.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Understanding the telescopic handler and its significance

The telescopic handler, commonly referred to as the telehandler, is one of the heavy duty machines that play a critical role in various fields, especially manufacturing industries and agriculture. Though this machine is commonly confused with the fork lift because of its appearance, its functionality is similar to that of the crane.  These machines are small, but powerful, vehicles that are provided with a long arm. The end of the arm can be fitted with one of the many attachments based on the task that needs to be performed. Some of the most frequently used attachments are the lift tables, pallet forks and buckets.

Of all the attachments that are used with telehandler Australia, it is the pallet fork that is highly useful. Once attached to the end of the arm, this attachment helps transport heavy goods from one place to the other. In the agricultural sector, this attachment is used to transport hay bundles and other crops from the field to the animal shelter and granary respectively for storage. Because of the presence of this attachment, the telescopic handler also finds usage in the shipping industry where is it used to transport heavy cargo to and fro the ship, trailer or any other mode of transport that are ferrying it to the intended destination. In the heavy industries, this machine is used to transport heavy raw materials from one end of the factory to the other during various stages of manufacturing.

The telehandler Australia has become an indispensable device because of its long arm that can be used for various functions. The arm of this machine is also referred to as the boom. The boom is very strong and built to last. However, while carrying excessive loads or performing certain functions where the boom is stretched to the maximum extent possible poses a certain amount of threat. Since the boom along the load, in such cases, is heavier than the machine’s body, the entire telehandler becomes unstable. Therefore, it is imperative to hire only trained professionals to operate these machines. These operators will not only have an in-depth understanding of the usage, but also carry the relevant licenses and permits and can reduce accidents at the work place.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Various attachments that can be used with the Telehandler

The need for the telehandler in the certain industries such as shipping, lumbering, construction, agriculture and industries cannot be overlooked. There are various types of tasks that these machines have to perform in each of these industries. Ranging from transporting loads to clearing away the debris, the telescopic handler is provided with different attachments, each designed for a specific purpose.

Spears and forks are a set of common attachments that come along with the telehandlers. Once attached to the arm of the telehandlers, these attachments serve various purposes. While the fork is used to transport heavy goods from one place to the other, the spears are ideal for use in the agricultural sector since they are efficient in transporting hay bales and other crops. These attachments are also provided with certain extensions that can be purchased based on the task that needs to be accomplished.

The blades, grapples and buckets are another set of attachments that come along with the telehandler. These are attachments that are used extensively in the construction industry. Road construction crew uses the bucket attachment frequently to transport the debris from the spot where the work is on to the intended destination. These attachments are also a common sight in snow plows that are used to clear the snow formation on the roads during the winters. Provided with sharp teeth, these attachments can scrape through the snow and eliminate it completely. The grapple bucket is used in the agricultural sector to transport manure and silage.

Winches, hooks and jibs are also attachments that are available with the telehandlers. These are attachments that are used to carry heavy loads vertically. Based on the overall capacity of the telescopic handler, weights of up to five tons can be carried once the winch in secured firmly in place. There are various types of hooks and winches designed to carry different items in different industries. It is important to read through the manual and understand the total weight permissible before you put the machine along with these attachments to use. Carrying excessive loads that exceed the capacity of the machine can cause the handler to topple and lead to critical injuries.