Sunday, October 28, 2012

The myriad uses of JCB and JLG telehandler

Companies that are involved in manufacturing various products, ship cargo to various places or are involved in large construction projects cannot overlook the need for good telehandlers. The increase in the number of such companies has led to an increase in the number of companies that manufacture heavy duty machinery. Though Manitou telescopic handlers were the ones that were highly sought after till a few years ago, today the Merlo, JCB and JLG telehandler are also very popular. Irrespective of whether you are buying JLG or JCB telehandler, you can put them to good use since they are highly versatile and functional.

One of the main uses of the JLG telehandler is in the shipping industry. Companies that ship products from one part of the world to the others have to handle heavy loads on a daily basis. Though these companies use forklifts along with various attachments, they cannot overlook the need for JCB telehandler since the long arm (called the boom) can reach places that the forklift cannot. The arm of the telescopic handler makes it easy to carry heavy containers from the docks and load them onto the large ships that transport them to their intended destination. The telehandlers make it easy to stack up containers one above the other and also can reach the remote corners easily.

The JLG telehandler is extremely important in the construction sector. Though small residential projects can be completed with the help of a forklift, the large projects such as building skyscrapers, large apartment complexes and commercial properties need more versatile heavy duty machines such as the JCB telehandler that is capable of not only moving heavy items, but also lifting them, meters above the ground. In the past, removing pelletized cargo from trailers and loading them on roofs or other places above the ground was a task that could be completed only by using a large crane. However, today, the telescopic handlers from companies such as Merlo, JLG, JCB, Manitou and many more which are smaller than the cranes, offer the best alternative.

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