Friday, November 23, 2012

Myriad forklift attachments and their uses

The fork lift is one of the most useful heavy duty machinery that is used extensively today. This is a machine that can perform tasks that a skid steer cannot. The fact that it has a long arm called the “boom” allows this machine to lift heavy loads vertically, in addition to moving them from one place to the other. The boom of this machine allows it to reach every nook and corner which is the reason for certain industries to opt for it over bobcats. The fork lift can be used to perform various tasks because of the myriad fork lift attachments that are easily available today. Each of these forklift attachments are designed keep specific tasks in mind, which is the reason you should learn more about them to avoid choosing the wrong one.

The side shifter is a fork lift attachment that is used to move heavy loads laterally. The fact that the backrest and the tines can be moved laterally allows users to move heavy loads without repositioning the truck. The fork positioner is one of the most useful forklift attachments. It allows in moving the tines of the fork apart or together based on the size of the load. This attachment negates the time consuming process of manual intervention to resize the tines.

The barrel and roll clamp attachment is one of the fork lift attachments that is used to carry heavy paper rolls, barrels and kegs. The attachments in this category that have the rotatory motion are more functional than the ones that do not. For example, the barrel clamp attachment that has the ability to rotate can position a barrel vertically in place, despite lifting it horizontally. The multipurpose clamp attachment is one of the highly versatile forklift attachments. It can carry all loads of varying sizes such as bales, boxes, large cartons and crates with ease.

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