Saturday, June 2, 2012

Precautions to take while using a forklift attachment

Fork lift attachments are equipments that are connected to the fork truck to perform various tasks at the workplace. There are different types of attachments that have been designed to cater to different industries. Each forklift attachment is highly useful and can perform the toughest of jobs effortlessly. These attachments are used extensively in all manufacturing units, shipping yards, agriculture and lumbering sector to perform various tasks. However, every year, there are many people who lose either their limb or life due to forklift accidents. In order to prevent these accidents and minimize damage to life and property, here are a few precautionary steps that you need to take.

Fork lift attachments are specialized attachments designed to perform complex tasks. Hence, it is imperative for the operator to know how to operate it. A number of companies that do use these attachments have stringent guidelines pertaining to forklift attachment training. More often than not, companies prefer operators who have the relevant licenses and certification needed to operate these attachments. There are a few companies that also offer on the job training to operators when they have to bring in a new type of forklift attachment to perform certain tasks.

Another precautionary measure is thorough inspection. When a forklift attachment is attached to the fork truck to perform various tasks, it is important to conduct a safety inspection to make sure the nuts and bolts are fixed firmly in place and there are no loose ends. The inspector should also be able to identify leaks and excessive grease in these attachments that can cause the goods to slip through and fall, thereby risking loss of life and damage to cargo. In addition to these measures, you also need to ensure you choose the right forklift attachment for the task on hand and balance the load perfectly before it becomes air borne.

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