Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Various attachments that can be used with the Telehandler

The need for the telehandler in the certain industries such as shipping, lumbering, construction, agriculture and industries cannot be overlooked. There are various types of tasks that these machines have to perform in each of these industries. Ranging from transporting loads to clearing away the debris, the telescopic handler is provided with different attachments, each designed for a specific purpose.

Spears and forks are a set of common attachments that come along with the telehandlers. Once attached to the arm of the telehandlers, these attachments serve various purposes. While the fork is used to transport heavy goods from one place to the other, the spears are ideal for use in the agricultural sector since they are efficient in transporting hay bales and other crops. These attachments are also provided with certain extensions that can be purchased based on the task that needs to be accomplished.

The blades, grapples and buckets are another set of attachments that come along with the telehandler. These are attachments that are used extensively in the construction industry. Road construction crew uses the bucket attachment frequently to transport the debris from the spot where the work is on to the intended destination. These attachments are also a common sight in snow plows that are used to clear the snow formation on the roads during the winters. Provided with sharp teeth, these attachments can scrape through the snow and eliminate it completely. The grapple bucket is used in the agricultural sector to transport manure and silage.

Winches, hooks and jibs are also attachments that are available with the telehandlers. These are attachments that are used to carry heavy loads vertically. Based on the overall capacity of the telescopic handler, weights of up to five tons can be carried once the winch in secured firmly in place. There are various types of hooks and winches designed to carry different items in different industries. It is important to read through the manual and understand the total weight permissible before you put the machine along with these attachments to use. Carrying excessive loads that exceed the capacity of the machine can cause the handler to topple and lead to critical injuries.

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