Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The different types of forklift attachments that one can choose from

The forklift truck is a heavy duty truck that has been increasing in demand in recent times because of the myriad tasks it can perform with ease. These trucks use a wide range of forklift attachments to perform various tasks easily. These attachments are used as extensively in the agriculture and landscaping industry as they are in manufacturing units and the shipping industry. Since there are a number of forklift attachments available today, you should have clarity on the tasks that you intend to perform so you buy the right attachments.

One of the most useful forklift attachments is the fork positioner. Before this type of attachment came into existence, it was the responsibility of the fork truck operator to manually adjust fork tines for various tasks based on the size of the cargo. However, thanks to this loader, this process is completely automated and can be accomplished effortlessly. Rotators are forklift attachments that are used when it becomes important to rotate the tines of the fork to carry certain loads. There are certain special goods that cannot be carried without rotating the tines since the chances of them falling down are really high. To avoid such instances and minimize damage, these attachments are used.

Of the many forklift attachments that are used in the industrial and manufacturing sector, the telescopic fork is the most important. This is a hydraulic attachment that helps in double deep stacking in warehouses. In the past, placing various products on behind the other, especially when there was no aisle between the two, was a very difficult task. Courtesy this attachment, this task can be completed easily today. The most common type of forklift attachments we see in the cargo sector are the multipurpose clamp and carton attachments. They can be used to open and close the fork tines around large cargo to move them from one place to the other.

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