Friday, May 25, 2012

Various types of auger available

The auger is a type of equipment that is used to drill holes in the ground. This device makes use of a drill bit to dig deep holes for various purposes. The ‘flighting’, commonly known as the helical screw blade, is the one that is responsible for removing the waste materials while the hole in being dug in the ground. There are manual as well as mechanical augers that people can choose from based on their requirements.

The use of the auger can be traced back centuries when the manual variation of this equipment was the most popular. Archimedes has been credited with the invention of this equipment in 200 BC. Ever since then this equipment has been used extensively in various industries. Though during its initial days it was used to transfer water to higher levels, today it is used to bore a hole through hard surfaces.

 Augers that are used to dig post holes are commonly referred to as soil augers, earth augers or post hole diggers. Wood augers are equipments that are used to drill holes in woods to insert screws. Augers are also extensively used in the construction industry. Laying foundation for constructing buildings involves digging holes to place foundation piles to strengthen the structure.

The auger is also used in the fishing industry. Fishermen who go fishing during harsh winters use this equipment to drill hole through ice to find their prize catch. Maple syrup is extracted from maple trees using this device as well. There are specially designed augers that are used by those in the plumbing industry to remove blockages in pipes. Based on the requirement and the industry, there are different types that one can choose from. To ensure you find the perfect match, you have to ensure you have clarity on your requirements.

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